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What is ‘Glass Skin’ and How Can You Get It?

what is glass skin and how do get it

What is ‘Glass Skin’ and How Can You Get It?

A relentlessly hyped, Korean beauty trend that definitely isn’t disappearing in a hurry, ‘glass skin’ is the beauty ideal devoted to achieving a super dewy, smooth, hydrated look, no matter your skin type.

A skin ideal in Korea, ‘glass skin’ literally means skin that looks crystal-clear, pore-free, translucent, and luminous — just like a piece of glass. And achieving just that is all in the layering: you want to use multiple lightweight layers of hydrating products so skin looks dewy and plump, and it really comes into its own over the warmer months.

First, double cleanse

K-beauty officially introduced us all to the concept of double cleansing, which starts with an oil and then progresses to a non-drying cleanser of your choice. Tailor Skincare Oil Cleanse is perfect for kicking things off, using a blend of pure plant oils and antioxidants that bind to grime and makeup, breaking them down and drawing them out. Remove thoroughly with a warm, damp cloth or muslin, then follow with Trilogy Clarifying Cleansing Gel if your skin is on the oily side, or Trilogy Rosehip Cream Cleanser for a second, hydrating cleanse.

Need to exfoliate?

This is a ‘glass skin’ non-negotiable at least once a week, prepping skin for all of the good stuff to follow. Go gentle but effective by reaching for Nuori Supreme Polishing Treatment, which effectively removes impurities, gently sloughs away dead skin cells, and buffs and infuses skin with highly nourishing ingredients.

Tone up

When it comes to ‘glass skin’, the idea is to thoroughly cleanse and clarify via your double cleanse, then use a toner as the first leave-on step that hydrates and treats. evre Wake Me Up Watermelon & Rose Face Mist is a great choice, with the likes of aloe vera and watermelon in the formula to soothe and cool, while rosewater hydrates and refreshes.

A do-it-all hydrating serum.

Glass skin’s dewiness, even tone, and smoothness call for a plethora of different types of ingredients, so opt for a serum that deeply hydrates as well as delivering what your individual skin type needs to really get glowing. Nuori Bio Fusion Serum is an excellent choice for most as the potent yet lightweight serum comes with a natural retinol alternative that addresses universal signs of skin ageing, and joyfully without irritation.

Moisturise your heart out

That final layer of hydration is arguably the most important step in the glass-skin routine. And now is not the time to reach for a moisturiser with a mattifying finish — look for promises of dewiness in order for full, unabashed glassification. Tailor Skincare Moisture is a brilliant all-rounder and delivers what the brand calls a “just finished yoga glow” in a bottle, while Trilogy Line Smoothing Day Cream is perfect for more mature skins looking for elevated hydration and more.

Fake it til you make it

It goes without saying that glass skin doesn’t happen overnight. While you can immediately make it look dewier, that next-level clarity and smoothness takes time. For instant gratification, look for hydrating foundation formulas like Aleph’s Concealer / Foundation, and leave the powder alone. Lastly, turn on your skin’s high beams with a creamy highlighter like Aleph’s Radiance: Moon dotted on the high points of your face because hey, it’s your time to shine!

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