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FOREO is a range of sonic facial cleansing brushes combining skin care with powerful technology to get deep within the skin’s pores and loosen the build-up which cleansers and traditional facial brushes alone simply cannot reach. This Swedish company is passionate about the potential of technology to make life better. Founded in 2013 with just two employees, it’s now a multi-award-winning brand which has also shipped more than 20 million products in that time.

FOREO is committed to innovation and revolutionary design, with an array of vibrating cleansing brushes in a range of sizes to suit all skin types and lifestyles, as well as blue light acne treatment devices, eye massagers and sonic toothbrushes. Not a traditional beauty company, nor an electric toothbrush brand, it sits in a category all its own where it transforms daily routines into pampering rituals, with some devices even compatible with the FOREO app for personalised routines and custom massages – now that’s smart skin care.

FOREO is FOR EveryOne.