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The Beauty and Wellness Products We’re Swapping in for Summer

The Beauty and Wellness Products We're Swapping in for Summer

The Beauty and Wellness Products We’re Swapping in for Summer

Whether you’re into making resolutions or not, the new year is the perfect time to look at what  – and who! – you surround yourself with, and that includes the health and beauty products you regularly reach for.

If you’d like to re-examine your own approach to the latter as we continue on through summer, read on for some of our picks of the beauty and wellness non-negotiables we’re slotting into our daily routines in 2023.


Quality supplements that go the extra mile

They say what you put on your skin is only half the story, and you’ll find premium ingestible beauty products in every beauty and wellness devotee’s kitchen cupboard.

If you’re keen to explore adding a collagen supplement to your life, IMBIBE Miracle Collagen is a great place to start. Scientifically developed to help nourish the gut at the same time as plumping and firming skin from within, IMBIBE’s Miracle Collagen is a bioactive formula with 18 amino acids that was specifically designed to transform and stimulate collagen synthesis and skin elasticity from the inside out. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and with age, collagen production slows. This makes it an essential addition to your daily to do list, and we think IMBIBE does it best!

In addition, Byron Bay-based IMBIBE are all about loving your gut, and their probiotic concentrate-based formula known as Beauty Renewal aims to deliver exactly that. Bio-fermented Beauty Renewal is unique in that whilst it’s a wholefood, it also contains eight different strains of probiotics that are essential for gut health.  


High-performance, all clean sun protection

The one product that makes it into every efficacious skincare routine is sunscreen, and with good reason. At Clean Beauty Collective, we have done extensive research and scoured the world to bring you only the best natural suncare products made with the cleanest ingredients. 

This brings us to People4Ocean, who create beautiful suncare solutions with a nod to the future of our planet. In fact, the Melbourne-based brand donates up to $1  from each product sold to reef conservation initiatives worldwide in an effort to reverse the damages done by global warming, overfishing and traditional sunblocks. The brand’s Sunscreen SPF30 is a broad spectrum, 100 percent natural, deeply nourishing formula with a semi-matte mineral finish. While their Vegan Sunscreen SPF50 uses wax from the candelilla plant to replace beeswax in the award-winning formula. They also offer two types of Zinc Stick SPF50, which are extremely waterproof and contain all-natural and plant-based ingredients.


Sexual wellness aids that never let you down

Sexual wellness is a key part of overall whole body and mind wellness, and the Smile Makers brand have created a range of cheeky and chic vibrators to ensure you’re never left at a loose end!

If you’re a newbie when it comes to using a sexual wellness aid, Smile Makers offer a First Time Gift Set, which includes The Billionaire silicone vibrator, Generous Gel and a super cute vanity case that is perfect for storing your device or on-the-go.

The Billionaire is a bullet-shaped silicone vibrator that is very simple to use, making it a great choice for first-time explorers. With four speeds and two pulsation modes, its rounded head is built to massage the external clitoris and the labia to build arousal—and it feels great for internal stimulation, too. It’s also made with cryogenically-polished silicone, so is safe for use on your most sensitive parts.


A quality, clean hand sanitising formula

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Covid is going nowhere, so hand sanitising is an absolute must. Our formula of choice is Paume Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser, and we love the travel size for on-the-go.

Formulated with 69 percent ethyl alcohol to kill harmful bacteria while moisturising the skin with a unique blend of premium plant based emollients, Paume won’t leave your hands feeling stripped after use. The 90ml travel bottle is also made using 100 percent previously recycled plastic and is reusable, so you can refill it as many times as you want, and then recycle it when you’re ready for a new one. 


Makeup that goes the extra mile

We love the Aleph brand for its makeup-with-skincare-qualities approach, and the brand’s Serum/Primer is a must-have in any kit. An effective multi-tasker, its highly concentrated formula delivers its potent active ingredients to deeper levels of the skin than a cream or a lotion, so it nourishes, protects, repairs and prepares your skin all at once.

Packed with a high concentration of deeply nourishing moisturising ingredients like macadamia and oil-free jojoba extracts, antioxidants, milk thistle extract and an innovative plant “stem” cell complex that boosts your skins metabolism and collagen production. It is your proactive ageing skincare-meets-makeup essential and we can’t get enough!


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