About Clean Beauty Collective

Clean Beauty Collective is committed to natural, non-toxic beauty. We want every Kiwi to have access to the best, cleanest beauty and skincare products available.

So, what is clean beauty?

Clean beauty to us means skincare and cosmetics products that contain safe ingredients that are natural, organic and non-toxic, because we believe that harmful chemicals should not be in the products we put on our skin.  Clean also means ethically safe and none of our products are tested on animals.

Increasingly, as consumers, we are becoming more aware of food ingredients and what we eat. Our skin is our largest organ, so we should be aware of what ingredients we are feeding it. Ingredients, however, can be hard to decipher, so our goal at Clean Beauty Collective is to make it easy for you. We’ve researched and tested every product, so you know you’re getting the best, cleanest beauty products available.

Our skincare and beauty products are chemical-free, and we have a strict list of ‘dirty’ ingredients which we stay clear of. We encourage you to learn more about these harmful ingredients, which although claim miracle anti-ageing and skin renewing benefits, could actually be doing you more harm than good.

In an industry that is largely un-regulated globally, it’s time for consumers to take a stand and demand better ingredients in their products. Sadly, there are many large global brands that still today manufacture products that contain toxic ingredients, largely due to cost and driving stronger profits.

However, fortunately, there are many ‘clean’ brands in New Zealand and throughout the world that exist, and the number of them are growing daily – it’s the fastest growing category in the global beauty market.

Here at Clean Beauty Collective we value natural and non-toxic ingredients and say NO to artificial colours or fragrances, parabens, petrochemicals, paraffin, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, sulphates, silicones, triclosan, carcinogens, neurotoxins, PABA, PEG, or DEA.

Some of our products contain ‘safe synthetics’. These synthetics are developed by what is known as green chemistry which aims to create safe and non-toxic ingredients that can imitate nature and, in some cases, even provide more effective results. Either way, our policy is natural or synthetic it must be safe.

Clean Beauty Collective founder, and self-confessed beauty junkie, Fleur Insley has worked in the cosmetic and skincare industry for over 20 years. In her quest to kick a sugar addiction Fleur embarked on a health journey where she not only cleaned up her way of eating but also started looking for cleaner
alternatives to her regular beauty routine. It soon became clear to her that many of the world’s best clean beauty and skincare brands weren’t available in New Zealand, and there wasn’t an obvious platform for New Zealand’s existing clean beauty brands to showcase themselves on.

It became Fleur’s mission to curate the largest collection of safe, non-toxic, clean indie and luxury beauty products from around New Zealand and the globe, for Kiwis who simply want the best, cleanest beauty. And so Clean Beauty Collective was born.

Shop with confidence knowing we’ve researched every ingredient in every product so you don’t have to worry about if it’s safe to use. Just worry about what shade of lipstick you want to buy, what texture of cleanser you love or what scent you want to wear.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your clean beauty and skincare routine today!