Why you need: hyaluronic acid in your beauty arsenal

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years when it comes to beauty, you’ll most definitely have heard the name ‘hyaluronic acid’. The hardworking molecule has been receiving major buzz since 2016 and appearing in what feels like every second ingredient deck to come across our desks, but still so many people ask – what exactly is hyaluronic acid?

The Greatest thirst trap

It has often been said that hyaluronic acid is “like the glass of water your skin desperately needs”. It’s a molecule that is naturally found in your skin as well as the connective tissue in your body, acting as a cushioning and lubrication agent for our joints, nerves, hair, skin, and eyes. Like many good things found naturally in the body it decreases with age, which is why its inclusion in your personal beauty arsenal is a veritable no-brainer.

How does it work?

The reason the beauty industry loves it so much lies in its seemingly magical ability to retain moisture. Lack of moisture is one of the main culprits of ageing skin, which is why this ingredient—which attracts moisture to your skin—is a must-have when it comes to repairing your skin’s moisture barrier.

As a powerful and safe humectant, it can hold up to 1000x its weight in water, and any time you bring hydration to the skin it’s a very good thing. Many of the most visible signs of ageing are attributed in part to skin being dehydrated, so when you have hydrated plump skin, they are less visible and skin looks healthier. Hyaluronic acid plays a great role in this, as it helps replenish and hold cell moisture, leading to hydrated, plump skin that stays that way.

Size matters

For hyaluronic acid to really penetrate the skin’s surface when applied topically, it actually has to be bioengineered to have a much lower molecular weight. The best chemists are able to do so while still maintaining the original hydrating benefits, and some skincare products containing hyaluronic also use a mix of sizes to cover several bases.

Each size of hyaluronic acid works on different levels to hydrate skin from the inside out. Smaller sizes of HA deliver plumping, youth-giving hydration that helps minimise the look of wrinkles, while larger sizes of HA deliver conditioning moisture that helps smooth and soften the skin’s texture.

Is it safe?

Hyaluronic acid is incredibly gentle and phenomenally helpful for all skin types, even the most sensitive, redness-prone skin. In fact, its positive influence on the skin’s surface is due in part to its natural calming benefit, which means it is also suitable for breakout-prone skin.

Where can I get it?

Some of our favourite products featuring the wonder that is HA are…

TRILOGY Hyaluronic Acid+ Booster Treatment

Trilogy’s certified natural Hyaluronic Acid+ Booster Treatment is a two-week course of intensely hydrating water-gel serum enriched with antioxidants that will definitely deliver the HA! It also contains super antioxidants acerola cherry and schisandra to help fight free radical damage, and aloe vera, rosehip oil and ginseng to nourish and boost overall skin health. It’s suitable for all skin types, especially those with dehydrated or dry skin concerns, and urban dwellers exposed to environmental stressors such as pollution.

ALDER NEW YORK Smoothing Mask

This skin rejuvenating mud mask exfoliates and fights free radicals for a smoother, even complexion. Hyaluronic acid is included to plump skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, whilst Kaolin clay smooths and tightens and sea kelp boosts collagen and encourages cell turnover. You can use this beauty weekly, or as a spot treatment as needed for best results.

NUORI Bio Renewal Night Regenerating & Repairing Cream

This ultra-luxe, soothing, regenerating night cream reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, and dullness. Natural hyaluronic acid, botanical squalane and betaine replenish moisture levels, add plumpness and strengthen the skin’s barrier function, while Vitamin B3 reduces the look of enlarged pores and boosts microcirculation for a revived skin tone and texture. Delicious.

SUNTEGRITY Impeccable Skin Moisturizing Face Tinted Sunscreen

We’re always raving about this beauty-boosting skincare, sunscreen and makeup marvel in one, which includes hyaluronic acid for long-lasting hydration. Formulated without silicones and reef-friendly, it uses antioxidant and peptide-rich technology to visibly reduce the signs of ageing while non-nano zinc oxide and melanin provide Broad Spectrum SPF30 and blue light protection to help prevent future damage.