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Looking for a natural skincare alternative for your Salon?

Skin Deep, New Zealand’s natural skincare powered by Manuka/Kanuka Oils and UMF™ Manuka Honey

When considering or seeking out natural skincare products for your clients you indicate a commitment to providing only the best.  Skin Deep was founded over 20 years ago by a Beauty Therapist who was a pioneer in the natural skincare industry in New Zealand.  She built the brand with strong principles of natural and holistic health into a beautiful skincare range with Manuka Honey at its core, suitable for all skin types.  The benefits of Manuka Honey and its healing properties for our skin are endless.

The success of Skin Deep products is attributed to the extensive research and development that has gone into formulating our products.  We use only pure quality ingredients sourced locally in New Zealand which work naturally to promote a healthy and vibrant skin.  Manuka Honey is one of the best Honeys of the world and is derived from the New Zealand native Manuka Tree.  Beauty Therapists all over New Zealand and Australia have seen the results of using our UMF™ Manuka Honey as an active healing mask to enhance your skins natural level of protection without stripping the skin of its natural oils and moisture.

Our products DO work!  You can be confident that your clients will experience a healthier, more radiant skin from the very first treatment.

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