Our Cardinal Rules To Longer-Lasting Makeup

It all started so promisingly, with a lightning-fast glow up that had to be seen to be believed… A couple of hours later though, and your good work has all but disappeared into a shiny mess. Sound familiar? We hate it when we put in the work and our makeup melts down quickly, too – not to mention all that great product going to waste. So how can you guarantee that your full face sticks around? Read on for some of our tried and true tips…

It all starts with prep

You will hear makeup artists regularly say that great makeup begins with great skin, so ensuring you cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and bring in additional extras like masks every so often will definitely make a difference to what goes on top.

Regular exfoliation is most definitely key, be that with a physical or chemical formula depending on your skin type. Tailor Skincare’s Polish is a great clean beauty option that gently breaks down congestion and buffs away dead skin cells for a brighter, clearer complexion, and ensures the perfect blank canvas for your artistry.

Imbibe’s new Pearl Polish Konjac sponge is an ideal option for light, daily exfoliation, and is designed to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. Made from sustainable, all-natural plant-based konjac root, the soft fibres of the sponge are woven with mineral-rich, micro-ground pearl powder too, which helps purify skin cells, gently brighten and refine the skin’s surface.

Prime for perfection

Using a quality primer best suited to your skin type is a great way to help makeup last all day without getting shiny or creasing. There are many different primer options out there, whether you want one that helps neutralise redness or one that brings a more luminous glow to dehydrated skin. Knowing what primer works best for you is key, so trying a few different formulas is a great idea until you find the perfect match.

A formula we love that works for all skin types when used correctly, Aleph’s Serum/Primer is a super nourishing, highly concentrated formula that nourishes, protects, repairs and prepares your skin all at once. The non-sticky, non-greasy comforting feel of this intensive and nourishing primer can be enjoyed by all skin types – even oily skin – and we love that it is quickly absorbed and leaving no tack residue.

Brush up on your skills

A key learning from our makeup artist friends is to always use a brush, otherwise, the oils from your hands can mix with product and break it down quicker. If you find you’re getting foundation streaks when using a brush it’s usually because you’re using too much product, so start light and build as needed. Alternatively, switch to a beauty sponge for a seamless blend in a jiffy, making sure to clean it well after every use.

We love Aleph’s Vegan Diffuser Brush, which delivers a professional, diffused application of foundation and flawless cheeks in one easy to use tool. The vegan bristles are designed to work just like animal hair but are hypoallergenic and far less likely to harbour bacteria, and we loved that these brushes are sustainably made in Italy and designed to last.

Foundation first, concealer later

Applying concealer under the eyes and on troublesome areas before you apply foundation is actually the reverse of what you should be doing. Why? Applying makeup on top of concealer will only drag it across the skin, causing the need for an immediate touch-up and a lot of product wastage. Instead, apply foundation first and then dot on concealer under the eyes and on blemishes. Applying the concealer on top of the foundation and then blending it to match will ensure everything stays where it’s supposed to.

Hands free

One of the ways you can be sure to extend the wear of your makeup is by keeping your hands off your face – especially during a global pandemic. Seriously, stop it! There are enough nasties going around and adding dirt, oil, and whatever else might be on your hands is not the best way to things clean or your makeup fresh.