Meet the founder: Nicole Kelly, Beauty Dust Co

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Your partner in clean when it comes to great hair days, Beauty Dust creates premium natural haircare essentials  in the most responsible way possible – and we love them for it!

They proudly acknowledge that ‘clean’ to the Beauty Dust family means that every ingredient used is safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and non GMO. They are also free from sulphates, parabens, phthalates, palm oil, microbeads and petrochemicals, and their extremely #shelfie friendly Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner bottles are made from sugarcane – a renewable resource. We spoke to the company’s powerhouse founder Nicole Kelly about their path to a clean, high performance collection.

What was your initial vision for Beauty Dust, which launched several years ago?

When we first started our journey we were creating feminine, premium haircare that was beautiful and affordable. We definitely still tick those boxes. When we extended into styling products and started researching ingredients, we couldn’t knowingly create something that could be harmful to our environment, marine life, or our own health. Some of our initial products are now on their fourth reformulation as the bar for clean beauty keeps moving, and we keep moving with it.

Beauty Dust started natural, and is now pursuing 100  per cent clean beauty. What was the reason for the shift?

We’ve discovered that not all things natural are good for the environment and some non-natural products are eco-friendly. Our goal is to protect the planet whilst promoting personal health and well-being, summed up beautifully by the word clean.

How do you define 100 per cent clean, personally?

Clean to us means that every ingredient used is safe, non-toxic, non GMO and non-allergenic.  As a brand we are also free from sulphates, parabens, phthalates, palm oil, microbeads and petrochemicals. Our entire product range meets that criteria apart from two of our older products that are being re-tweaked as we speak.

What is the Beauty Dust product you’re most proud of?

I’m so proud of our reformulated shampoo. It’s extremely hard to make a shampoo using 100 per cent clean ingredients that doesn’t strip the natural oils from your hair. We’ve worked for four years to get the right formulation which includes an abundance of active ingredients including coconut oil, manuka honey, chamomile, pro-vitamin B5 and rose oil. They provide nourishment, shine, protection, softness, hydration and are unique to our brand.

Do you have a favourite product?

My personal favourite is our Nourish Day Cream. It’s like hand cream, but for your hair and instantly repairs dry, frizzy or dull hair with nutrient-packed ingredients like Japanese camellia oil, coconut oil, gardenia flower extract and sunflower oil. These ingredients stop hair breakage, allowing hair to grow longer and stronger, and help to significantly reduce frizz.

You have fingers in a couple of pies, one being the amazing Papinelle Sleepwear. How do you relax, do you have rituals to cope with what is a very busy life?

I do a LOT of travel which gets me quite out of balance. I do get eight hours sleep every night, drink lots of water and try to be vigilant with meditation and exercise.  My secret saviour for the past 12 months has been a bespoke tincture from Golden Yogi Studio. I am however solar powered, and truly love being in the sun by the beach, it’s when I recharge.

We’re in a time of so much uncertainty right now, how is Beauty Dust dealing with the constant change?

We’re all trying very hard to stay positive but do feel all-consumed about what’s going on, it is hitting some of us hard. For our brands it has meant a forced stop, which is financially painful but it has also allowed me personally to take a giant breath. It’s an awful time but we’re embracing the lock-down and will keep pursuing excellence to be the best for the world.

What is a quote or a belief that you live by, that you’d like to share with others?

I read a quote recently by marketing guru Seth Goden: “Of course it’s a difficult problem, all the easy ones are solved”. It sums up perfectly how I feel about our products, especially our shampoo. It’s VERY hard to make clean, natural products that are also nourishing, get a beautiful rich lather, are affordable and beautiful.

Clean shampoo is technically a tricky category and I am truly proud of the game-changing products we’ve created and continue to create.

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Beauty Dust Co Founder, Nikki Kelly