How to upgrade your self-care

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Stuck at home? Upgrade your self-care

With many countries around the world on a lockdown of sorts due to Covid-19, we’re being faced with a lot more time within the four walls of our own homes – and sometimes struggling with it. Some say to use the time to learn, do a little DIY and at very least sage your borders, but if you’re anything like us then you just want to feel more safe, secure and cared for during a truly unsettling period in our lives. This is where a little extra self-care comes in – and that starts with your beauty routine.

Make your routine a ritual

Now is definitely the time to indulge in a little ritual when it comes to your daily skincare routine – you’ve got the hours to fill, and all those products that you’ve meant to play with sitting in your bathroom cabinet waiting for their time in the sun! This is where those cleansing oils come in, which work even better with a little facial massage and a clean, warm muslin to help infuse the good stuff as the oil goes to work removing the remains of the day. Trilogy Rosehip Transformation Cleansing Oil is suitable for all skin types and comes with a powerful combination of high performance pure plant oils that regulate moisture levels and stabilise the pH of the skin, whilst Aeos Cleansing Oil dé-Maq is the ultimate in eco luxe. Filled with ingredients extracted from plants grown on their very own biodynamic farm, Cleansing Oil dé-Maq helps normal/dry skin retain optimal moisture with the pure power of plants, as well as balancing oily/combination skin types. As the temperature drops cleansing oil will also help your skin retain its plumpness and glow, so embrace one ASAP.

Mask, and then mask again

How often do you have unlimited time to play with facial masks, especially during the day? Spend your Monday morning correcting and soothing with any number of high performance formulas, and always keep it clean. Alder New York’s Clarifying Mask is a deep cleaning mud mask that exfoliates and refreshes skin for a softer, clearer complexion and it’s vegan, fragrance-free, silicone-free, paraben-free, and phenoxyethanol-free. You can use it weekly or as a spot treatment as needed for best results, or try Plant Apothecary’s SILKY SMOOTH Multipurpose Exfoliating Charcoal Mask for a great, purifying all-rounder that is suitable for all skin types (even really sensitive).

Get your nails did

This is where you can get creative, make as many mistakes as you like and try some colour combos you’d never previously thought of because well… daily life got in the way. We only recommend nail polishes made with the cleanest ingredients – and clean needn’t mean boring! The Kester Black collection of natural, non-toxic nail polishes come in some stellar, on trend hues as well as chic neutrals, and they do not contain dirty ingredients like toluene, formaldehyde and camphor making them safe to use not only on yourself but on children too.

Care for yourself from the inside, out

Edible beauty has been a huge buzz for the last few years and those who got on board are certainly reaping the benefits. Choose your collagen, probiotic or beauty blend wisely though, and make sure it’s as clean and green as it gets. This is the perfect time to establish new, good habits, so try making edible beauty part of your every day routine. We love the Imbibe brand, whose bio-active collagen powder and delicious multi-strain probiotic concentrate are just so effective – and easy to add into your life.