How to create a WFH oasis

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We’re in a truly digitally-driven world, and if you’re one of the millions like us, you’re probably working from home right now. Mandatory WFH has set us a whole new challenge when it comes to coping with very swift changes in our daily routine, and for many of us, it’s been a tough time. One of the best ways to get your life back on track – in a whole new way – is to start by creating a workspace that inspires calm and productivity.

Tip #1 Dedicate an “office” area in your home

You may be sharing an apartment or hunkering down in mum and dad’s spare room, but successful working from home starts with a work space all your own. Even if you don’t have a lot of room to play with, establishing a no-nonsense work nook will help create personal and professional boundaries and keep you on track. And since you’re at home, add a salt lamp, pictures of your pets – whatever helps you feel some sense of normality and keeps a smile on your face

Tip #2 Let the sunshine in

If you’re anything like us, you’re really starting to feel the pressure from so much enforced time indoors, and could really do with a long beach walk or hike round about now! Unfortunately, both are off the cards at the moment, but you can still feel the sun on your face by opting for a workspace that offers a little natural light—and fresh air if the weather allows. You’ll reap all the benefits of natural light—upping your Vitamin D intake, warding off seasonal depression, making you happier, and your space, brighter.

Tip #3 Take time to disconnect

When you’re WFH, it’s easy to get sucked into sitting all day — either replying to emails or instant message responses or just scrolling mindlessly through your feed. Try creating a little “zen zone,” adjacent to your working area, but within sight (it will remind you to take a break). Roll out a yoga mat/blanket/towel and take some time to have a good stretch or simply remain still in child’s pose, throw in some crystals if you’re that way inclined, and just let yourself simply ‘be’.

Tip #4 Power up the diffuser

In a time of uncertainty and chaos, stress can manifest in many ways – much of it as underlying anxiety that can really creep up on you over time. It’s essential to find calm in your day, and that can be hard when you’re dealing with everything—including panicked co-workers, tech meltdowns and endless virtual meetings. If you have a few on hand, now is the time to dip into your essential oils and harness their powers. From boosting your immune system to managing stress, to increasing your overall mood, a few drops in a diffuser as you work can make a huge difference to how you cope with your new normal.

Tip #5 Bring the outdoors, in

If you don’t already have some indoor plants on hand, now is the time to look away! But if you have, bring your succulents, aloe and other indoor beauties near and curate your very own little urban oasis. Plants will freshen your air and give you a little extra company as you work, and prove a great point of focus when you’re indulging in a little zen time.