COLLAGEN: How to choose the right ingestible

Influencers and celebs are all raving about collagen as their favourite beauty hack and Google search for collagen is at an all-time high, so what’s the buzz about and more importantly, why is it so important to choose the right collagen ingestible?

We spoke with smooth-skinned, luscious-maned Felicity Evans, the brain – and beauty – behind Imbibe to help us navigate the collagen jungle.

Collagen is your body’s support protein

Collagen is your body’s main structural protein and it forms your connective tissues and skin. Think of it as your body’s scaffolding. It supports your organs, holds your bones and muscles together, improves your digestion, and, not least, promotes your skin’s elasticity, as well as hair and nails health. Your body produces collagen naturally but decreases with age (and sorry to break it to you but it goes downhill pretty early). Hence why boosting your diet with the right collagen supplement is a good idea.

A lot of collagen products don’t really help to boost collagen synthesis

Yes, that’s right, not all collagen products will deliver the promise of a plumper, smoother skin you think they will. Why? “The collagen has to be 100% bioactive so that every molecule is stimulating collagen production in the skin”, explains Felicity. “Because otherwise, it is simply “collagen protein” (i.e. a regular protein powder), with no skin-stimulating effects on your collagen production.”

Which is why Felicity developed a 100% bioactive collagen that delivers real results on your skin’s elasticity and firmness, but also on your nails and hair health. And because she is a firm believer that beauty comes from within, Imbibe Miracle Collagen is good for your gut too. “ When the gut is nourished, the flow-on effects are beautiful skin and hair and of course a myriad of other benefits like better moods, better digestion”, Felicity explains.

Clean is a priority – but it is not that obvious

If you are here, you know that clean beauty is good beauty. But it may not be obvious when it comes to supplements. Like healthy-looking food served in healthy-looking cafés that healthy-looking people post on the Gram may not actually be healthy at all. Remember the whole discussion on health bars and the higher than your gran’s pavlova’s sugar content? That’s the same with collagen powders. Being stocked in a health shop doesn’t mean it’s all clean, so knowing the composition of the product is important.

“Many collagen supplements have non-active fillers”, says Felicity who worked hard with a team of scientists to nail a bio-active formula made of essential and non-essential 18 amino acids that is sugar, soy, gluten, dairy, corn,  preservatives and flavourings-free. Yes. All that, at once. It is also non-GMO – and not all collagen powders are, eek!

So when choosing, avoid the flavoured options, steer clear from complexed ingredients list and stick to simpler options such as collagen peptides like Imbibe Miracle Collagen. Want a recap? Bio-active, collagen peptides and no flavours please.

It is a good self-care habit

Making self-care a priority doesn’t mean you have to stress out to find an extra hour in the day. Felicity has it all sussed out: “I am a working mum and so there isn’t a lot of extra time”.  Her self-care habit? “Beauty Coffee!  I do it twice a day.  It is simply such a lovely ritual to add the scoop of Miracle Collagen into my coffee every day. This is simple luxury at its best for me”.

And if you make time to fully appreciate that moment and you slow down while you sip your coffee, then you replenish your mind and refocus too. So basically that short Beauty Coffee break is a double health bonus. How good is that simple ritual?

Are you ready to glow and toss that shiny hair now?

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