Meet the Founder: Chloe Zara

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Meet the Founder: Chloe Zara

We could all do with a bit of luxury in our lives, and for many, that comes in the form of beautiful, clean and luscious skincare and haircare that feels like a dream while doing zero harm to the planet. A brand new to Clean Beauty Collective that we have fallen hard for is Chloe Zara Hair, which takes luxe, natural haircare and elevates it to incredible new levels. The collection is the work of award-winning Auckland hairstylist Chloe, who we had a chat with recently to find out more about.


What was your initial vision for Chloe Zara haircare, which launched over a year ago now?

“Yes, a year this month! As a stylist, I have always had a love for products that make your hair look and feel good. My go-to product was always a hair oil. However, I knew most hair oils on the market were filled with unnecessary ingredients, leaving your hair with a cosmetically soft and shiny feel. My vision started with a hair oil. An oil that would truly help to build strength and nourishment, but also leave your hair feeling and smelling divine. From there the hair perfume oil was created, as was the silk hair range. A range designed for all hair types, to focus on creating and maintaining healthy hair.”


Was 100 per cent clean beauty always on your list of ‘must haves’ when it came to formulating your line? 

“Clean beauty for Chloe Zara Hair means our range is made without unnecessary ingredients. Avoiding parabens, sulphates and silicones. It was always a must that our products only use natural or naturally derived ingredients that each serve a purpose and are highly effective. For us, it’s not about being 100 per cent clean, but making sure as a brand we provide products that are ethically safe, cruelty-free and sustainability friendly.” 


How do you define 100 per cent clean, personally? 

“I personally don’t believe anything can be 100 per cent. I believe we can make an effort to contribute towards clean beauty by choosing ingredients that are researched and tested and are safe to be used on a daily basis because unnecessary ingredients should not be in the products we put on our scalp and hair.”


What is the Chloe Zara haircare product you’re most proud of? 

“The Hair & Body Perfume Oil is such a special product to me. This is a product I spent so long perfecting. The fragrance takes notes from a favourite perfume of mine and I love that is a multi-purpose product. It is my dream product and our hero product across the range.”


Do you have a favourite product especially suited to your own hair? 

“As I said, I love the Hair & Body Perfume Oil, however, I love to layer my products to achieve the best results for my hair type. We have some very exciting products launching over the coming months and the condition of my hair has never been better!”


Some of your products can be used in multiple ways, what’s one CZH hack you can share with us? 

“Our Hair & Body Perfume Oil is an incredible lightweight, leave-in treatment. Designed to protect from the use of hot tools and UV rays, smooth hair and add shine. This oil also has the natural ability to soften and moisturise the body. The Hair & Body Perfume Oil can also be paired with our silk hair balm treatment masque. By adding a few drops of oil to a palm-size amount of balm, this creates a beautiful treatment masque that can be left on for 10-20 minutes.”


You have your own salon and haircare brand, and you’re a mum. How do you relax?

“This has been a huge juggle at times, and over the last year, I have really found I need to take the time for myself each day to either get a walk in or do some sort of exercise. I have found Pilates to be life changing, a slow-paced workout that really forces me to take the time for myself. It sets you up for the day to be calmer and have a clearer headspace.”


We’re in a time of so much uncertainty right now, how are you – and the brand – dealing with the constant change? 

“We have definitely had a few setbacks in the last year, dates constantly shifted. A year ago I would have found it quite stressful and had sleepless nights, but I have become far more patient as a person. I feel like there is so much out of our control, the same goes for my salon being completely shut due to lockdown. I have really tried to enjoy and make the most of this time to benefit and grow CZH as a business.”


Are any new additions to the line in development? 

“Yes, and I am beyond excited! We have a mini size hair & body oil launching soon and a very exciting new product set to launch just before Christmas. We also have another four products launching in 2022. It is a very exciting time for Chloe Zara Hair and I can’t wait to share more.”