5 Ways To Reuse Your Empty Beauty Containers

We love all things beauty, but a recent report revealing that 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry shows that as an industry, it’s often not that pretty at all.

According to a European Union Green Paper on plastic waste, 80 per cent of plastic polluting the ocean comes from poor waste management on the land. For those of us committed to recycling in order to divert plastic from fragile environments, personal grooming products and everyday cosmetics can pose a real headache as they are often hard to recycle. However, when it comes to helping keep the planet clean, your beauty regime can be a great place to start if you look at reusing and upcycling as a very real alternative.

Here’s a few ways we like to repurpose our empties, and how you can too!

Burn, baby burn

Creating tea light candles from your empties is a great way to help out the planet, mainly because it’s so simple and inexpensive. Empty Aleph Beauty pots are the perfect size for a pretty tea light, and you can even share the love by gifting them to your family and friends.

All you need to get started is soy wax, your pick of essential oils if you’re opting for fragrance and a candlewick. Once you’ve perfected your wax, carefully pour the mix into an empty jar and hold the wick in the centre while the wax hardens.

Keep brushes tidy

Bigger jars and empty candle vessels are the perfect way to keep your makeup brushes tidy and upright, meaning they retain their shape and last longer too. Most soy-based candle residue can easily be removed with a good soak in boiling hot water and some elbow grease, then allow to dry. Candle glasses also double up as perfectly-sized tumblers and work well with storing eye and lip pencils too.

Keep jewellery safe

This is where smaller glass jars like the aforementioned Aleph beauties come in handy for storing you tiniest earrings and rings. They are also a great way to transport them when you’re on the go, fitting easily into your makeup bag when you’re travelling or going from work to drinks with friends and want to mix things up a little.

Dose on the go

Guilty of skipping your morning supplement intake, or heading away for a few days? Use empty, well-cleaned jars and the like to store your daily dose of vitamins and minerals and you’ll never be caught short again. Pop them in your bag or even leave a few ready to go in your top drawer – your essentials will never be out of reach when and where you need them.

Mini travel essentials

We all love the look of a cute, travel-sized mini version of our favourite products, but the reality is that they aren’t a good idea for the planet at all. You can create your own though by keeping clean empties of smaller products on hand for when a road trip gets added to your schedule. Also, at often half the size or less they will most definitely come in handy when we’re travelling internationally again, and allow plenty of space in your luggage for extra shopping!