5 good reasons to LOVE dry shampoo – again

Dry shampoos have had a bad rep for years but the newest generation of dry cleansers (yes, we say hair cleansers in 2019) are just too good to forgo.

Here’s why:

1. They are clean

Forget all the nasty ingredients that used to clog your hair follicles and swamp your scalp with toxic chemicals. Today’s dry cleansers are good for both your hair and your health. Yes, really.

Long gone the scary ingredients list you can’t pronounce. Today’s formulas are an inviting cocktail of natural cleansing clays, root starches to absorb oils plant or fruit extracts to lift residue and flower extracts to refresh.

2. They boost volume – and it lasts longer

Ok, the old guard may have already given your hair some oomph but it gave it a nasty load of chemicals too and the fix was quick.  Tap a little powder into your hands and work from your roots to see your hair come back to life and stay perky all day long.

3. They save you time

That’s an old promise too but the news here is that the formulas are so good that you can easily skip a wash without compromising on cleanliness – and spend even more time doing the things you love instead.

4. They are travel friendly

That may be the best news in a long time. With air travel security rules getting tougher, our in-flight beauty routine has suffered, leaving many of us arriving at our destination a tad too dishevelled.

Hello, hunky boyfriend, meet greasy travel hair. Not so sexy, right?
Being able to take your dry shampoo on the plane and refresh before landing is definitely a great perk.

5. They look pretty darn good

Let’s face it, everything needs to be Insta-worthy now, so the look of the packaging matters. But let’s be serious for a second here, packaging is actually important because clean beauty is more than a clean formula. It is a gesture towards protecting our blue planet too, so it’s worth celebrating with pretty packaging that makes us feel good about the way we live our life every day.

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