3 Health & Beauty hacks that aren’t whack

Boost your skin elasticity in just 3 minutes, twice a day

Making self-care a priority doesn’t mean you have to stress out to find an extra hour in the day. Felicity Evans the glowing founder of Imbibe has it all sussed out: “I am a working mum and so there isn’t a lot of extra time”.  Her self-care habit? “Beauty Coffee!  I do it twice a day. It is simply such a lovely ritual to add the scoop of Miracle Collagen into my coffee every day. This is simple luxury at its best for me”. And if you make time to fully appreciate that moment and you slow down while you sip your coffee, then you replenish your mind and refocus too. So basically that short Beauty Coffee break is a double health bonus. How good is that simple ritual?

Get the one-hour facial glow 2 minutes after waking up

Jasmi Bonnén, the founder of clean Danish skincare brand NUORI has something we all want: a healthy, bright and flawless complexion. Her trick? Act fast – and smart – in the morning. “When I wake up, I only splash cold water onto my face, and then apply a light day cream”, says Jasmi. “I keep a bottle of NUORI’s Vital Eye Cream in the fridge for those mornings when I feel I need an extra pick-me-up: I tap on the cool cream and give myself a little eye micro-massage around the eyes. This reduces puffiness and makes me feel wide-awake”. Did we mention it saves you time and money in concealing those dark undereye rings?

Go from daytime demure to evening glow in seconds

Looking bright and perky after a long day at the office doesn’t require a glam team effort. In fact, if you have found the eyeshadow palette you love, “being creative with it means every shade becomes 2 or 3, depending on how far you want to build up the colour”, explains Tiila Abbitt, the founder of clean cosmetics Aether Beauty Co. Her quick trick to intensify a colour? “Wet your brush to create a higher and brighter concentrate of colour and then simply apply to your lid”. Her Aether’s long-lasting colours are so easily blended – something make-up artists love about her brand – that you can take your office caramel day look to a sultry bronze in seconds for after work fun. Oh, and did we mention that the formula was supercharged with rose quartz’ brightening and healing benefits too? Yes, that’s right, just so your skin and mind both get a little extra spark too.

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